Brawl Stars Season 19 Balance Changes (15 Aug): All Brawlers Buffed and Nerfed

Brawl Stars Season 19 was released last month on 3rd July. It presented the community with plenty of balance changes, skins, cosmetic items, challenges, events, maps, game modes, and much more.

Now more than a month later, following the assessment of overall gameplay during this period, a mid-season patch has been released by Brawl Stars for Season 19 Enchanted Woods on 15th August.

The update consists of various balance changes for multiple Brawlers as they undergo buffs and nerfs to shake things up for the next four weeks, after which Brawl Stars is likely to release Season 20 of the game.

Here are all the balance changes introduced to selected Brawlers along with the Season 19 mid-season patch.

Brawl Stars Season 19 Balance Changes (15 Aug): Complete Patch Notes

Earlier in Brawl Stars Season 19, the developers had revealed that their goal was to strike a balance between the Star Powers and Gadgets of different Brawlers.

They wanted to make both of them interesting enough to be used in different builds and strategies, instead of causing a discrepancy in which one of them overpowers the other.

These are all the brawlers that have undergone a buff or nerf in the Brawl Stars Season 19 patch released on 15th August.

Along with this, a bug fix has also been rolled out which should fix the random game crash that was taking place when players used to open the game.

It will be interesting to see how the game shapes up for the duration of the next four weeks after which Season 20 of Brawl Stars is expected to come out.