Brawl Stars Season 20 Sneak Peek: New Brawlers, Skins, More

Supercell’s top-down shooter Brawl Stars is one of the most popular mobile titles in the world. The current Season 19: Enchanted Woods introduced two new brawlers, many great skins, plenty of changes, and more, to keep the community entertained.

In the latest episode of its podcast called Time To Explain, released on 24th July, multiple design team members discussed various aspects of the game, including a sneak peek about the upcoming Brawl Stars: Season 20.

It was a short segment and not a lot of details were shared but enough was said to keep the community excited for what the game has in store for everyone.

Brawl Stars Season 20: Sneak Peek of Next Update

Ricardo Tomé – Game Artist at Brawl Stars, Fernanda Oliver – Art Director at Brawl Stars, and Joakim – Game Designer at Brawl Stars, were the guests on the latest episode of the Brawl Stars podcast called Time To Explain.

They had a lengthy conversation lasting more than two and a half hours on various topics that provided a lot of information, mostly about development of the game and its characters.

However, during a short segment, Season 20 of Brawl Stars was highlighted and an early sneak peek was provided for the next update.

It was revealed by Ricardo that two new brawlers would be introduced to the game in Season 20 and both would be part of an existing trio. The difference lies in the fact that one of them would definitely be the third member of a trio while the other could be a second member.

A total of 28 trios currently exist in Brawl Stars. Out of these, 18 trios are complete while the remaining 10 have either one or two brawlers missing.

One of the two brawlers coming in Brawl Stars Season 20 will be completing an existing trio, making it a part of one of the following,

  1. Fantasy / Castle Trio

  2. Goldarm Gang Trio

  3. Brawlywood Trio

  4. Candyland Trio

  5. Deep Sea Trio

  6. Velocirapids Trio

The other brawler would be a second member of an existing trio, making it a part of one of the following,

  1. Spooky / Ghost Trio

  2. Starr Park Hub Trio

  3. Swamp of Love Trio

  4. Enchanted Woods Trio

It is expected that the upcoming brawlers would not be part of the Velocirapids Trio and Enchanted Woods Trio as both of them got a character each in the current Season 19.

Apart from information about the upcoming brawlers, Ricardo also shared that Stu would be getting a new skin in the next update. This skin is expected to be really good according to Fernanda, hyping up the expectations for the heavily requested cosmetic by community members.

The next update of Brawl Stars will also consist of something related to the main lore of the game, which will be continued in its next update as well, Season 21.

In what way would the lore of Brawl Stars continue ahead is not known at this point in time, but it is expected to come out as a ‘Brawl Stars Animation’ or maybe something new.

The current Season 19: Enchanted Woods is expected to end on 11th September and will be immediately followed by the release of Season 20, whose name and theme have not been revealed at this point in time.

There is still a lot that needs to be accomplished in Season 19 with more than a month of adventure left to be unravelled, including the release of Doug, the second brawler of this update.