Brawl Stars Starr Drops: Rewards, Rarities, Drop Chance, How To Get, More

Brawl Stars released the ongoing Season 19: Enchanted Woods on 3rd July bringing along plenty of changes which included a new daily reward system called Starr Drops. This is a replacement of the former reward structure called Brawl Boxes that was an integral part of the game but became redundant on December 2022.

Starr Drops are unlocked after a player reaches 50 Trophies, requiring them to win a few matches before they can start gathering these daily rewards.

Here is everything you need to know about Starr Drops in Brawl Stars along with information about the drop chances of rewards across the various rarities.

Brawl Stars Starr Drops Daily Reward System: Complete Details

Introduced to the game along with the July update, Starr Drops is the latest daily reward system of Brawl Stars which is easy to unlock and obtain. Players simply need to win a set number of matches every single day to receive a maximum of three Starr Drops daily.

Brawl Stars players can receive up to three Starr Drops every single day. They will receive a daily reward for every 1st, 4th, and 8th victory of the day.

No win streak is required to complete this task, simply attaining the required number of daily victories will ensure that all Starr Drops for the day are received by the player.

As these are refreshed every 24 hours, players can return to the game after the cooldown period is over to grind the next set of daily rewards.

After achieving the required number of wins, players will see a huge star on their screen with its rarity displayed on top of it. In total, there are five different types of rarities.

  1. Rare

  2. Super Rare

  3. Epic

  4. Mythic

  5. Legendary

Players also get up to four spins to see if they can improve the rarity of this star or not, which will result in better rewards.

Each and every Starr Drop gives a different reward which improve along with its rarity.

  • Coins

  • Power Points

  • Credits

  • Bling

  • Token Doublers

  • Skins

  • Brawlers

  • Pins

  • Sprays

  • Player Icons

  • Star Powers

  • Gadgets

Rare | 50% Drop Chance

  • Power Points (20 to 30) – 39.53%

  • Coins (50 to 70) – 34.88%

  • Token Doublers (100 to 150) – 20.93%

  • Bling (20-28) – 2.33%

  • Credits (20-28) – 2.33%

Super Rare | 28% Drop Chance

  • Power Points (50 to 70) – 39.74%

  • Coins (100 to 140) – 29.80%

  • Token Doublers (500 to 575) – 24.50%

  • Bling (50-60) – 3.31%

  • Credits (50-60) – 2.65%

Epic | 15% Drop Chance

  • Coins (200 to 240) – 39.65%

  • Power Points (100 to 130) – 26.44%

  • Token Doublers (1000 to 1200) – 19.82%

  • Common Pin – 4.41%

  • Profile Icon – 3.08%

  • Rare Brawler – 3.08%

  • Brawler Spray – 2.20%

  • Super Rare Brawler – 1.32%

Mythic | 5% Drop Chance

Legendary | 2% Drop Chance

This is everything you need to know about the new daily rewards system being used by Brawl Stars called Starr Drops. This new method is surely enticing and players will be grinding the game daily just to see if they can grab a new brawler or skin for free.