Breaking Bad Fame Bryan Cranston aka Walter White’s Used Underwear Auctioned For Over An Outrageous 2 Million INR!

Bryan Cranston’s Underwear From Breaking Bad Sold For A Whopping Amount
Bryan Cranston Played Walter White In The Iconic Breaking Bad(Photo Credit –Poster From Breaking Bad)

One has to give credit to the creators and the team of Breaking Bad for creating a product that has managed to stay relevant even with the shift in generations and continues to widen its fanbase even years after ending the run. Jesse Pinkman and Walter White played by Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston respectively, became household names to the extent that they now enjoy a fan base much bigger than some trending Hollywood stars. But would you think of buying their used underwear from the show?

Well, bits and pieces of trivia and throwbacks from the sets of Breaking Bad keep coming back on the internet almost every month. We were recently told how Penn Badgley known for You was actually almost cast as Jesse Pinkman in the show before Aaron Paul came in and dominated the scene with his art. Now, making news is underwear worn by Bryan Cranston aka Walter White in an iconic sequence from the show.

As per the new reports, an auction was held that put up Breaking Bad props for sale and one among those props was an iconic Breaking Bad underwear that Bryan Cranston wore on the show. And as per a viral Tweet, the same has been sold for a staggering price as big as 2 million rupees in INR. Read on to know who bought it and for how much outrageous cost!

As per a Giant Freakin Robot report, the white underwear that Bryan Cranston wore in a very crucial scene in Breaking Bad was put up for auction by Prop Store. The underwear was sold to a company called SAXX, which is known for dealing in assortment of men’s clothes. The company brought the garment in the action for $32,500 which roughly converts to 26.55 lakhs in Indian currency.

SAXX Underwear on their official handle wrote, “We simply could not let another man subject his nether regions to these. Stay tuned, gentlemen.” The 40-inch garment is described as a set decoration closet pair. Featuring a white elastic waistband and made in polyester, it has blue and golden detailing. The report says that the Breaking Bad underwear has even lost its elastic due to the time it has survived.

The auction also had some more Breaking Bad set pieces on the roaster. It had Skyler White’s cigarette package, Jesse Pinkman’s cell phone and bong, a yellow radio-controlled Roy car and Walter White’s leaves of grass book with a white t-shirt.

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