Bren Esports’ Coach Duckeyyy Is Frustrated Due to WCG 2023 Disqualification

Bren Esports' Coach Duckeyyy Is Frustrated Due to WCG 2023 Disqualification

BREN ESPORTS, a highly esteemed esports team hailing from the Philippines, found itself engulfed in a whirlwind of controversy during its participation in the World Cyber Games (WCG) 2023. The team’s journey through the Open Qualifiers took an unforeseen detour, resulting in its disqualification and igniting a storm on social media platforms. Coach Francis “Duckeyyy” Glindro candidly expressed his frustrations, shedding light on an unfortunate incident that stemmed from what initially appeared to be a minor administrative error. It was revealed that the disqualification stemmed from an incorrect registered ID for one of Bren Esports’ players on the team roster. 

Bren Esports disqualified at the WCG 2023 for “incorrect registered ID”

After successfully defeating its rivals, Dewa United FC, and securing a first-game momentum in the World Cyber Games 2023 Open Qualifiers, Bren Esports faced an unforeseen setback. Coach Duckeyyy, in a candid expression of frustration on his official Facebook page, revealed the disqualification of his team due to an administrative error regarding the registration of one of their players, Angelo “Pheww” Arcangel. The player’s registered ID in the WCG 2023 database was discovered to be missing a single digit, which was later deemed a clerical mistake.

In his , Coach Duckeyyy conveyed his disappointment over the disqualification, emphasizing the severity of the consequences for a seemingly trivial mistake. 

“During our match vs Dewa United FC, particularly after game 1 (1-0 in favor of my team), Dewa United FC complained that one of my players (Pheww) has an incorrect registered ID in the WCG – World Cyber Games database. It was missing 1 digit. A completely unintentional clerical mistake,” Coach Duckeyyy explained in a Facebook post.

While acknowledging the importance of adhering to rules, he questioned the severity of the punishment, likening it to a lottery-winning digit.

“Yeah, I know, rules are rules, but really? Over 1 digit? A disqualification? Must be a lottery-winning digit,” the Bren Esprots coach stated.

Nevertheless, amidst the turmoil and disappointment, Coach Duckeyyy maintained good sportsmanship by extending well wishes to the remaining contenders.

“Anyways GG. Continue supporting all the teams remaining in the WCG Open Qualifiers,” he wrote.

Taking his discontent to another platform, Coach Duckeyyy posted an that appeared to take indirect jabs at Dewa United FC. The story further escalated the tensions surrounding the incident, fueling the already heated situation.

The World Cyber Games 2023 Open Qualifiers witnessed Bren Esports’ unfortunate disqualification due to an incorrect registered ID for one of its players. Despite the turbulence, the incident serves as a reminder of the importance of meticulous attention to detail and adherence to tournament regulations. Bren Esports will undoubtedly learn from this experience as it looks ahead to future competitions, aiming to bounce back stronger and more prepared than ever before.


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