Bren Esports Secures Playoffs Top Seed After Sweeping Blacklist International

Bren Esports Secures Playoffs Top Seed After Sweeping Blacklist International

Bren Esports has secured the top playoffs seed in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines (MPL PH) Season 11. In the penultimate week of the regular season, the 2023 Southeast Asia (SEA) Games representatives dominated defending champions Blacklist International with a clean sweep victory. In a post-match interview, the team discussed the meticulous preparations they undertook to secure the top seed slot in the MPL PH Season 11 playoffs.

Bren Esports is sitting at the top of the regular season leaderboard with 31 points followed by ECHO who is currently at 24 points.

Bren Esports demolished Balcklist International with a quick 2-0 sweep

M2 World Champions Bren Esports proved that it is back in its groove after a convincing victory over Blacklist International in the final week of the MPL PH Season 11 regular season. 

An astounding performance from Kyle Angelo “KyleTzy” Sayson spearheaded Bren Esports to a 5-0 kill lead at the five-minute mark. The SEA Games representative took control of the whole map closing the game with a massive 20-3 kill lead.

Bren Esports maintained their winning momentum in the second game by achieving an impressive 6-0 kill lead within just 6 minutes. By the end of the match series, Bren Esports had a total of 17 kills in Game 2, while Blacklist International remained at zero kills.

FlapTzy explains how they easily defeated Blacklist International

Through a post-match interview, Bren Esports’ seasoned veteran David “FlapTzy” Canon shared how the team prepared for their encounter against Blacklist International and secure that top seed of the MPL PH Season 11 playoffs bracket.

“I guess, it’s because we really prepared for this in our training and committed to training and maybe we kept our momentum on Game 1 so our gameplay was on point in Game 2,” explained FlapTzy.

Despite having a seemingly one-sided match against Blacklist International, the star EXP Laner admitted that there are times the squad had doubted their tactics as they were dealing with one of the strongest teams in the Philippines.

Bren Esports secured a top-seed playoffs with a clean sweep victory. ECHO can only gain a maximum of 30 points and has a chance to secure an upper bracket playoffs spot if it sweeps its remaining matches. Blacklist International has 23 points and only a slim chance to qualify for the upper bracket playoffs if ECHO loses its last two games in the regular season.


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