Bren Esports Takes Down Omega Esports to Break Three-Week Losing Streak

After suffering a three-week losing streak, Bren Esports finally broke free from its curse and secured a hard-earned victory against Omega Esports in the opening series of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9 Week 4. Despite Omega Esports’ Dean “Raizen” Christian Sumagui performing one of the best split pushing rotations in the tournament, it was not enough to keep Bren Esports from securing crucial objectives throughout the series. In the post-match interview, Bren Esports’ roamer also shared the team’s issues during the previous season which may have been one of the reasons that led to a roster revamp.

Bren Esports secures its first win in the regular season of the MPL PH Season 9

Bren Esports had the upper hand in the first game with a solid crowd control team composition to counter Omega Esports’ high mobility Fanny. Despite not fielding a marksman, Bren Esports was able to zone out Omega Esports thanks to the heavy pressure placed by Jomari “Jowm” Pingol’s Uranus and Dale “Stowm” Rolan Vidor’s Yve as they opened up a lot of kill potential for Mujahid “Lord Malikk” Malik’s Aulus.

In the second game of the series, Omega Esports returned the favor through a very dominant performance as Raizen went aggressive with his Ling gameplay. Omega Esports’ map awareness and objective control were on point resulting in Bren Esports faving a hard time securing objectives and winning team fights. The game ended with Omega Esports securing the win and opening a deciding match for the series.

The deciding match saw a tug of war between the two teams. Omega Esports gained the upper hand thanks to Raizen’s split pushing capabilities. However, Bren Esports remained disciplined throughout the game with Dale “Stowm” Rolan Vidor’s aggressive Mathilda providing backup and vision control to prevent his team from being overwhelmed in team fights. Eventually, Bren Esports closed the series with a victory and finally broke its losing streak in the MPL PH Season 9.

Lusty shares Bren Esports’ fallout during MPL PH Season 8

It’s been a while since Bren Esports won a series in the MPL. Its last victory was during the sixth week of the regular season of the MPL PH Season 8 against TNC Pro Team. Bren Esports was eventually disqualified after not earning enough points to secure a playoffs spot.

After a short celebration for breaking its losing streak curse, Bren Esports’ roamer Allan “Lusty” Castromayor Jr., shared, through a post-match interview, how the team’s downfall in the last season had affected the team’s chemistry and relationships with each other.

“Since our last victory against TNC (Pro Team), our last victory, until we got eliminated on Season 8, we really lost our team chemistry,” the Bren Esports roamer explained.

Lusty added that the members were blaming one another which led to trust issues within the team, affecting its overall performance.

“Some players, secretly hate another player then another player thought he was the hated one when in fact, the other players just can’t say who they hate,” he further elaborated.

Lusty further added that the roster revamp of Bren Esports fixed the trust issues within the team as two of its veteran players – Carlito “Ribo” Ribo Jr. and Ralph “Coco” Mico Sampang decided to take a break from MLBB esports whereas Karl “KarlTzy” Gabriel Nepomuceno transferred to ECHO.

With this well-earned and hard-fought victory, Bren Esports is looking to continue aiming for more series wins in the MPL PH Season 9. It’s next match will be against TNC Pro Team on 13th March at 6:00 PM (PHT).

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