BTK MobaZane Envious About SEA Regions Getting More Major Tournaments Than NA

BloodThirstyKings’ (BTK) team captain Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun shared his frustrations regarding North America (NA) not getting enough official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) tournaments. The pro player stated that only the Southeast Asian (SEA) regions get various major tournaments such as the SEA Games, Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL), and the currently running MLBB SEA Cup (MSC) 2022. On the other hand, NA only gets one major tournament which is the M4 World Championship coupled with various small community competitive events. With such few options for an esports scene, BTK has no other choice but to focus on the upcoming world series event.

MobaZane complains about NA not getting enough MLBB tournaments

BTK’s team captain is arguably one of the most vocal NA pro players in the MLBB community. MobaZane has previously shared his frustrations over NA not getting an season.

Through a recent livestream, the pro player expressed his sentiments that NA is still not getting enough attention in terms of MLBB esports. “Damn, all these Asian teams, they have so many tournaments. SEA Games, MSC, BTK really has no other option but to go all in on world cups [M4 World Championship] because that’s all we got,” said MobaZane.

He added that NA teams only get to “appear once and then go back into obscurity,” and then wait for another year for the next world championship event. MobaZane wished there would be more MLBB events in NA other than the yearly world series tournament.

“I mean, it’s just crazy watching all these crazy tournaments from the sidelines but we don’t have a choice,” said the BTK captain.

MobaZane added that he doesn’t count the monthly NA community tournaments as those are not comparable to major events hosted in the SEA region. “You’re gonna compare that [monthly NA MLBB tournaments] to MSC, MPL, SEA Games? No,” said MobaZane.

Two MPL casters Joseph Charles “Naisou” Rezabek and Handy “Mirko” Loho previously discussed the . The casters admitted that the region still needs to grow its fanbase before it gets support from Moonton to host an official league tournament. However, NA is going the right track as the publisher is now supporting community tournaments such as the NA Challenger Tournament (NACT) which may also become the region’s qualifier event for the upcoming M4 World Championship.


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