BTK’s MobaZane Sings Praises for Blacklist International’s Wise

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BTK’s Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun, in one of his recent , acknowledged Blacklist International’s Daenerie “Wise” Del Rosario for his skills as a jungler saying, “Of course he’s great, people just don’t give him enough credit because he goes for Aldous or Hylos.” He also praised the performance put forth by the Phillipines player and his team at Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s (MLBB) grand event, the M3 World Championship. Wise along with Blacklist International won the championship title for the M3 World Championship as the team took home $300,000 USD.

BTK’s MobaZane Praises Wise for performance at M3 World Championships

The world championship for MLBB was truly exciting and despite it having concluded a few weeks ago discussions about the event are still in the fray. This was the case in MobaZane’s recent Youtube livestream as the pro player was responding to his viewers opinions. One of his viewers claimed the jungler with the highest kills gave the best performance for the role, to which MobaZane was in disagreement.

MobaZane went on to say that Blacklist International’s Wise is very noteworthy and further added that Wise may not have as many kills as ONIC PH’s Kairi or MobaZane himself but Wise practically defeated ONIC PH on his own. MobaZane also believes that Wise does not get as much credit as he deserves despite being such a distinctive jungler.

MobaZane along with his team BTK put up a strong showcasing at the M3 World Championships and were able to pull off a major upset by sending the Philippines juggernaut that is Blacklist International to the lower bracket of the playoffs. Many folks did not expect this outcome due to BTK being regarded as an underdog team. But BTK, as the North American Champions, surpassed expectations throughout the tournament. The NA team eventually finished in third place at the M3 World Championship.

Despite BTK upsetting Blacklist International at the M3 World Championship, MobaZane showcases some great sportsmanship and humility. He has nothing but praise and acknowledgement for Wise. BTK is one of the best junglers in the MLBB competitive scene and if you wish to see him rumble through the jungle you can check out his recent .

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