Bubba Watson Comes To WB’s Golf Game, Golf Clash

Bubba Watson Comes To WB’s Golf Game, Golf Clash

Playdemic, the mobile game studio owned by Warner Bros., has announced a partnership with golfing great Bubba Watson for its golf game, Golf Clash.

This takes the form of a limited-time event that runs April 8-10 in the game, during which players can compete in what’s being called Bubba’s 9-Hole Cup. This is a three-round tournament set on the Southern Pines golf course.

While the tournament doesn’t begin until April 8, you can check it out through a practice mode right now on iOS and Android.

In addition to the tournament itself, a series of Bubba-inspired items are coming to Golf Clash, including the Bubba Ball, the Bubba Tee, the Bubba Hole explosion, and a Bubba Emote that captures the golfer’s “UR welcome” catchphrase. There is also a Bubba chat message–“High Bomb!”–that’s coming to Golf Clash in this new event.

The ball, tee, explosion, emote, and chat message can also be purchased with real money.

What’s more, a closest-to-the-pin mini-game called Bubba’s One Shot Challenge is coming to Golf Clash as part of the event. It’s live now through April 11. You can score the Bubba Ball if you get a hole in one, but that’s not easy.

“The Golf Clash team has been a great partner to work with to come up with fun, innovative ideas, and I think the fans are really going to enjoy it,” Watson said.

Watson is one of the best, most famous players in golf. He won The Masters twice, in 2012 and 2014, and is known for being one of the biggest hitters on tour. The announcement of this new Bubba event comes during a huge week for golf in the real world, as the 2021 Masters event takes place this week in Augusta, Georgia.

There has been a lot of news about golf games, lately, as 2K Sports signed Tiger Woods to an exclusive deal, while EA announced it is re-launching its PGA Tour series.

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