Burn x Flash Gains Confidence After Battle Against PH World Champions

Burn x Flash concluded their journey in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2023, securing the fourth-place position. While they fell short of clinching this year’s mid-season trophy, the team’s spirits remained high as they set their sights on a more formidable performance in upcoming tournaments. During a post-match press conference, Burn x Flash’s coach, Mitch “zMitch” Sato, expressed the profound impact of their encounters with two world champion titleholders, Blacklist International and ECHO, on the team’s confidence for future battles.

Almost beating ECHO was a big morale boost for Burn x Flash

The battle for third place in the MSC 2023 was an exhilarating display of skill and determination. The intense showdown between ECHO and Burn x Flash unfolded over a grueling five-round series, with the Killer Orca emerging victorious to secure the coveted third-place seat.

While Burn x Flash may have finished in fourth place, the team remains undeterred. Coach zMitch perceives their performance as a positive indication that they are heading in the right direction and simply need to continue honing their skills and strategies.

“It’s a big deal for us that we were able to go toe to toe against those teams. We even had a chance where we could have won a series against ECHO,” he said.

He went on to express how this achievement would provide a substantial morale boost to the players, particularly following the team’s disappointing performance in the M4 World Championship. The resilience displayed by Burn x Flash in the MSC 2023 serves as a testament to their growth and determination to bounce back from setbacks.

With their sights set on future tournaments, Burn x Flash will leverage the valuable experience gained in the MSC 2023 to further refine their gameplay and elevate their performance. Their ability to challenge and compete against top-tier teams has instilled a renewed sense of confidence and motivation within the team, setting the stage for even greater achievements in their esports journey.

As Burn x Flash continues to evolve and push its limits, the MSC 2023 has proven to be a pivotal moment for its growth. Through dedication, perseverance, and an unwavering belief in their abilities, the team is poised to make waves in the competitive Mobile Legends scene and etch their name among the elite contenders.