Burn X Flash Released Coach Zico and Hesa From Its MLBB Roster

Burn X Flash Released Coach Zico and Hesa From Its MLBB Roster

After Burn x Flash was eliminated in the M4 World Championship, coach John Michael “Zico” Dizon and player Jhonwin “Hesa” Vergara left the team. Burn x Flash, representing Cambodia, placed 15th in the tournament after losing to The Valley from North America. Zico and Hesa had been instrumental in the team’s success in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports scene, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the team was unable to perform at its best. Both players also shared their experiences with Burn x Team Flash on social media after announcing their departure.

Coach Zico and Hesa departs from Burn x Flash

Through a Facebook post, the two Filipino imports shared their insights regarding their journey in the Cambodian MLBB esports scene. According to Zico, leaving the Philippines was a challenging task but rewarding in its own way.

“Leaving my homeland was the biggest leap of faith that I have made 7 months ago. Pursuing my passion for Esports in a foreign land was a challenging yet fulfilling experience, and I can confidently say that it was one of the best decisions that I’ve made in my coaching career; I have one MPL Championship title under my belt,” captioned Zico.

Burn x Flash’s former Gold Laner Hesa also reflected on his experience while playing under the Cambodian squad .

“Moving from MPL PH to MPL KH has been such an amazing opportunity and a wild journey. I appreciate all of the cambodians who were friendly & welcoming, the delightful foods, and all of my supporters especially to those who have been there since the beginning of my journey. I have always dreamt of becoming a champion, I am very grateful to be able to finally experience that in KH and be given a chance to play on the M4 Stage. To my BURN X FLASH family and to my flamers, rkun jrern for all the love and memories,” he said.

The official page of Burn x Team Flash also posted their farewells for the two Filipino imports, stating “It’s hard to say “goodbye” to our beloved HESA and ZICO! But we respect their decision.”

Coach Zico and player Hesa helped Burn x Flash become successful in the Cambodian MLBB esports scene, including winning the MPL KH Autumn 2022 championship and earning a spot in the M4 World Championship. However, the team faced challenges at the world stage, including Coach Zico’s absence due to COVID-19 and ultimately resulting in a 0-3 loss streak in the group stage and a defeat in the knockout stage by The Valley.

The ongoing will come to a close on Jan 15th featuring a grand finals match between two powerhouse teams from the Philippines- Blacklist International and ECHO.


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