Call of Duty Fans Mad Over Broken Game, Activision responds

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The Call of Duty series saw its downfall after Activision Blizzard got sued by the California State for their toxic work culture and harassment lawsuits. Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone are not getting much attention as they simply cannot match the high expectations every Call of Duty fan seeks. Players are facing unexpected crashes, frequent bugs and longer queue times, which are spoiling the overall gameplay and are massively hurting the franchise’s reputation. Many players have described the games to be broken and Activision have done nothing to improve the current state of the game.

Activision is already facing a lot of issues regarding their current allegations of harassment. The studio has also fired the Raven Software’s Quality Assurance team. This incident has also majorly impacted the company’s reputation. After a lot of negative feedback from players, Activision has finally responded via the Call of Duty Twitter account. The post read, “We wanted to take a minute to talk about fixing the game. We hear you, and we feel your frustrations. Our teams are hard at work addressing the issues that are being experienced across Vanguard, Warzone and Modern Warfare. Updates are being deployed as quickly as possible. We want everyone to have a seamless experience, no matter which game, game mode, or platform you play on.”

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Recently, a former Call of Duty developer advised that the series needs revitalization and should treat players like a community and not consumers. Rumours have already appeared regarding the Call of Duty Modern Warfare II. The upcoming title will continue the lineage of the Modern Warfare series. Fans should expect Activision to drop the Call of Duty Modern Warfare II 2022 somewhere around Q2 of 2022. Activision still hasn’t commented anything on their upcoming Call of Duty 2022 title. Though it seems like they might launch it sooner because of all the controversies the company is currently facing.


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