Call of Duty Mobile Collaborates with Ghost in the Shell for Season 7

Call of Duty Mobile has teamed up with the Netflix series Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 for its upcoming season. Season 7 titled “New Vision City” is bringing forth iconic characters Motoko and Batou from the hit show and is introducing a new region on the Isolated map in the Battle Royale. Additionally, Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 will feature new Cyberware abilities and a new themed event alongside updates and improvements to the game.

Call of Duty, in a , wrote, “Calling all Operators. The post-humans are approaching, and they must be defeated. Prepare for a wild collaboration between Call of Duty: Mobile and Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 in Season 7: New Vision City.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7: New Vision City, in collaboration with Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2015, is releasing on 3rd August at 5 pm PT/ 4th August at 5.30 am IST.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7: New Vision City

Season 7 New Vision City is bringing exciting new features and events for players to enjoy on Call of Duty Mobile. Players will have the opportunity to explore a new region and test out new operators, weapons, and other rewards. Similar to the previous seasons, Season 7 will also introduce a new battle pass for players to complete and reap rewards. The battle pass will have 50 tiers and will feature premium and free tiers.

Let’s get right to the key highlights for Call of Duty Mobile – Season 7: New Vision City coming to Android and iOS:

  • New Battle Royale Area – New Vision City: New Vision City is a new futuristic cybercity inspired by the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Netflix series. Call of Duty stated that the New Vision City is encapsulated by a mysterious shell and is covered in perpetual darkness. It is illuminated only by the cyber-themed neon lights covering the high-rise buildings.

  • New Cyberware Abilities: Players will embrace change and enhancement with new Cyberware abilities. Call of Duty wrote, “Defeat the Post-Humans in Battle Royale and earn one of the following abilities per match: Cyberbrain, Ocular System, Cyberbody, or Neuro System.”

  • New Themed Event: Togusa’s Survey – The new themed event revolves around Motoko and Togusa, two prominent characters from the series. The idea of the event is simple: Motoko is connecting to the Control Board and she needs Togusa’s help. Players need to uncover clues that she has left for Togusa on the map to find Motoko and help her connect to the network.

In an attempt to save New Vision City from the post-human invasion, players will need to gear up and battle an enemy never-before-seen in Call of Duty: Mobile. Players will have the opportunity to earn 50 new tiers of Battle Pass rewards with free and premium content which includes operators such as Blackjack – Elite and Motoko, new weapons like the Switchblade X9, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, Charms, COD Points (CP), and more.


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