Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 – 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 - 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Call of Duty Mobile is resetting itself and going all the way back to Season 1 in 2023. This has been a tradition for the popular mobile game since its release and 2023 is no different. The upcoming season is expected to arrive later in January and an official announcement is imminent. Here is everything we know so far about Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 – 2023.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 – 2023 releases on 14th January

The current battle pass is ending on 14th January and the new season will kick off on the same date going by how previous seasonal resets have occurred. There could be delays but until an official announcement is made, we can expect the new season to arrive in less than two weeks.

Nothing has been officially announced for the Season 1 update so far, but thanks to the Test Server build revealing all of the new content, we already know what to expect. The developers have been testing new items and features on the Test Server and players can expect new weapons, a new perk, scorestreaks, tactical equipment, and more. 

It is important to note that just because all of the new content was added to the latest version of the Test Server does not mean that we will get everything in Season 1. Sometimes features and items are delayed and we should wait for an official announcement from the Call of Duty Mobile developer team.

The biggest addition to the new season is the Dingo LMG and the Unit Support Perk. The LMG is shaping up to be one of the strongest machine guns in the game while the new Unit Support perk states “Players will receive 20% of Operator Skill charging gained from every teammate’s kill; meanwhile, charging gained by self will be a 60% reduction. Players will receive 4% of Scorestreak charging gained from teammates; this bonus will be increased to 10% while capturing the hard point.”

Leaks have also suggested that the Wheelson from Modern Warfare 2019 might be coming to the game as the newest scorestreak. As always, take all leaks with a grain of salt and wait for an official reveal of the new Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 – 2023 content.


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