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Callisto Protocol Developers Share Details About Game’s New Area, Below; 13 Minutes of Gameplay Leaked Online and More


Callisto Protocol’s developers have outlined some exciting details about a new area in the game. As we all know, the game is based on one of Jupiter’s moons, Callisto and the story takes place in a maximum-security penitentiary called Black Iron Prison, which is located on said moon.

We have already seen glimpses of the Black Iron Prison through the various trailers that have been released, but now we get to learn about an area that wasn’t mentioned before. The area in question is called ‘Below’ and guess what, it lies ‘below’ the Black Iron Prison. Below is an area that features a series of long abandoned tunnels.

This area was once used to service Callisto’s first human colony, the Arcas. Aasim Zubair, director of environment art for the game had a straightforward design philosophy when developing this area, which was “make it dark, wet and creepy”. Check out Below looks and feels in the video below:

Here’s what Zubair had to say about Below:

“Below is unique because the majority of it is based off real-world materials and shapes. Instead of the rugged sci-fi design cues that dominate many of the game’s other environments, Below allows the player to feel grounded in something familiar and relatable while also letting them look into the past of humanity’s first attempt to colonize the dead moon.”

On the topic of Callisto Protocol, the game has just become a victim to a massive leak. As spotted by InsiderGaming, 13 minutes of the game’s opening have been leaked on ResetEra. The video was then put on YouTube, but was taken down promptly by the developers. Through the ResetEra thread, players will be able to see that many have appreciated the game and its elements, even though footage was of low resolution.

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