Callisto Protocol’s Latest Update Brings the New Game Plus Feature Along with Fixes for the Game; All You Need to Know

Callisto Protocol is a third person, survival horror title which released on December 2, 2022, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. The game hasn’t had the best performance in the market, but that might soon be changing with the title’s latest update.

The developers have just released the patch notes for Callisto Protocol update v3.01 on their official subreddit, r/CallistoProtocol. The new update sees the arrival of the highly requested New Game Plus feature, as well as a bunch of fixes to the game, check out all that is new in the latest Callisto Protocol update below:

New Game Plus

Through the New Game Plus feature, players can experience a second playthrough of the title, while retaining all the items, weapons, skills and other upgrades they gathered during their previous playthrough. There are some pre-requisites to try this feature, such as players needing to complete their first playthrough. Furthermore, the game will have to be restarted after the update, and players will need an active save file after completing the first playthrough.

Bug Fixes

There are a bunch of bug fixes that have been introduced in Callisto Protocol update v3.01. Firstly, the issue related to “The Protocol is About Life” achievement has been fixed. Then fixes for using the New Game Plus feature have been added. Performance has been improved for all platforms. Players will not experience any damage when vaulting over objects now.

Moreover, multiple issues related to camera angles, progression paths and Jacob falling of the environment have been fixed. Consistency pass is now displayed correctly in High Contrast mode. Lastly, voice leveling and subtitle adjustments have been added too. Other fixes include changes for PC and PlayStation 4 platforms.


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