CAMI announces its first ever online game on Roblox,

The Children’s Art Museum of India (CAMI) recently made a significant stride in the world of art education by launching its inaugural…

The Children’s Art Museum of India (CAMI) recently made a significant stride in the world of art education by launching its inaugural game – Children’s Art Museum. This innovative virtual art experience is hosted on Roblox’s global platform, marking India’s first online art museum in the metaverse designed specifically for children. CAMI aims to unlock creativity, foster artistic expression, and provide an immersive learning environment for young artists across the globe. Read on to learn more.

By offering this game free of charge, CAMI demonstrates its commitment to making art accessible to all children, regardless of their background or financial means. The game caters to the interests and preferences of children and teenagers aged 4 to 18. It is meticulously tailored to suit this target audience, ensuring a user-friendly experience with effortless navigation for both mobile app and desktop users. CAMI has gone to great lengths to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience for players within the intended age group.

CAMI announces its first ever online game on Roblox, Global Platform

Children’s Art Museum takes children on a captivating journey of discovery, encouraging them to explore their creativity and learn about Indian art and culture. Through various interactive quests and activities, players are introduced to different art categories displayed on Roblox’s global platform. Each art room within the game represents a distinct artistic realm, providing children with a rich and engaging experience.

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CAMI announces its first ever online game on Roblox

Children’s Art Museum of India’s initiative is not only to promote art appreciation but also to nurture the talents of young artists. By venturing into the virtual world, the Children’s Art Museum of India has embraced a modern approach to art education, harnessing the power of technology to ignite children’s imaginations and expand their artistic horizons.

With Children’s Art Museum, CAMI has embarked on a ground-breaking endeavour to foster artistic growth and cultural understanding among children worldwide. This game serves as a testament to the museum’s unwavering dedication to promoting art education and empowering the next generation of artists.

Children’s Art Museum of India’s founders, Manya Roongta and Krish Nawal, jointly expressed their excitement about the launch of the game, stating, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new game on the Roblox platform, specially designed to ignite creativity in children between 4 to 18 years of age. Our free-of-charge game provides a fun and interactive experience, allowing kids to unleash their imagination and explore their artistic potential. With a significant emphasis on fostering knowledge and appreciation for diverse artworks and artists in the metaverse, we offer valuable insights to players, enabling them to explore the world of art and learn about talented creators.”

To participate in the immersive “Children’s Art Museum of India’s game on Roblox,” players can start by creating an account on Roblox and searching for the game ‘Children’s Art Museum’ within the platform. Once inside, a world of artistic exploration opens up, featuring specially designed art rooms where players can delve into the wonders of creativity. Scroll missions serve as gateways to unlock captivating artworks, providing players with a sense of accomplishment as they expand their understanding of art within an exciting virtual environment.

In addition to its captivating artwork, the game offers a diverse range of thrilling games and immersive experiences. Players can engage in challenging balloon burst competitions and adrenaline-pumping paintball arenas, immersing themselves in a realm of excitement and entertainment. Furthermore, a variety of complimentary rides adds to the overall delight of the experience, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The launch of this game represents a significant milestone in the Children’s Art Museum of India’s ongoing commitment to providing accessible art educational resources for all. Children’s Art Museum of India is thrilled by the overwhelming praise received from kids, educators, and parents alike. The positive reception serves as a testament to the game’s ability to captivate young minds and foster a love for learning art through interactive experiences. By seamlessly intertwining creativity and education, CAMI empowers children to explore, create, and grow within an inclusive and enriching environment.

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