Can You Get a Trash Can Helmet in Honkai: Star Rail?

Can You Get a Trash Can Helmet in Honkai: Star Rail?

If you are active in the Honkai: Star Rail online community and have been following the trends on social media sites like Twitter, you must have come across the Trailblazer wearing a trash can helmet and running around areas. There are currently way too many fan arts, memes, and jokes about the trash can and the “trash society” in the game. The main character, the Trailblazer, has an unexplainable attraction to the trash cans placed around the different worlds. 

However, taking this attraction to the next level, Youtuber user Salty Shrimpy posted a video on 16th May titled “How to get the secret Trash Can Helmet in Honkai Star Rail.” This has taken the community by storm and currently has over 569K views. 

The original poster (OP) Salty Shrimpy described the video as “a tutorial on how to get the secret trash can helmet in Honkai: Star Rail” and managed to get other players to try this mission out. 

Here’s all we know about getting a trash helmet in Honkai: Star Rail by HoYoverse.

Trash Can Helmet in Honkai: Star Rail

According to Salty Shrimpy, here’s how a player can get a trash can helmet in the game:

  • Interact with every single trash can in the Jarilo-VI area including the ones in Boulder Town, Backwater Pass, and Restricted Zone.

  • The following day, you will receive a serious message from the Trash Society saying “We need to talk!” 

  • Finish the dialogue with the Trash Society and meet them in a secret location.

  • Receive your prized possession: the trash can helmet.

Salty Shrimp said, “The Trash Society is an underground organization dedicated to protecting all trash found in Belobog.

However, if you are one of the players who is eagerly waiting to unlock a trash can helmet, there’s some upsetting news for you. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to unlock a trash can helmet in Honkai: Star Rail regularly. The video by Salty Shrimp showing the Trailblazer with a helmet is all thanks to a mod.

But don’t be disappointed since Jarilo-VI and its trash cans actually have something to offer players. There is a trash can avatar that you can unlock in the game. For this, you will have to interact with five of the trash cans found in the Administrative District of Jarilo-VI.

Once you inspect the trash cans and exhaust all the dialogue options, you will receive the avatar. 

Along with the avatar, you will see this description: “Guys who can laugh at themselves usually have plenty of friends.

So there you go! Even if you cannot sport a trash can helmet in the game without a mod, you can surely sport a trash can avatar by completing the five hidden missions in the Administrative District area of Honkai: Star Rail.


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