Casetoo BGMI ID, In-game Stats, Controls, Sensitivity and Earnings

Aditya “Casetoo” Sharma is a well-known Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), Grand Theft Auto (GTA), Valorant streamer and content creator from India. He is well-known for his entertaining commentary and how-to videos, and has made an effort to entertain his viewers with his daily videos.

Here are all the details of Casetoo’s BGMI ID and Stats

Casetoo’s BGMI ID is 5175415606. His in-game name is PapaPlayeru. If people want to search for his player profile it is recommended to do it through his BGMI ID as his in-game name keeps changing. In the current Season C4S12 he has played 159 matches till date. He has achieved the highest rank of Ace and currently holds the Diamond two rank in the Third Person Perspective (TPP) mode.

According to Casetoo’s BGMI statistics in the C4S12 Season, he has an overall rating of 74.8 and has Grade ‘S’ in the current season. He has played for five years on this account and has played a total of 15,194 matches with a Season rating of 5386. He has a total of 1518 finishes while maintaining a Finishes/Death (F/D) Ratio of 9.55 in the current season. In the 159 matches played so far in this season he has been able to achieve victory 18 times. He has also finished in the top 10 rank 42 times.

Casetoo has hit 277 headshots throughout this season so far, with a headshot accuracy of 18.2%, but his overall accuracy rate for this season stands at 20.3%. His average damage is 1349.1 per match, accumulating a total of 214500.2 in the current season. His most number of eliminations in a single match is 51 finishes, while his highest damage dealt in a single match is 6273.

Casetoo Controls

Casetoo plays a four finger claw control setup as seen below:

Casetoo Sensitivity

Casetoo uses a full Gyroscope. These are not Casetoo’s precise sensitivities, but they are the closest to it.

 Camera sensitivity:

ADS sensitivity:

Gyroscope sensitivity:

ADS Gyroscope sensitivity:

Casetoo’s Earnings 

Casetoo has a YouTube channel that currently features 2.83 million subscribers. His highest viewed video boasts 15 million views. According to Social Blade he earns approximately $1.8k – $29k USD a month. This does not include earnings from other activities.