Charles Barkley blasts media for constant coverage of ‘awful’ Lakers

1. Charles Barkley isn’t afraid to bite the hand that feeds him, so he had no problem calling out the NBA and his own network for constantly showing Lakers games despite the fact that the team is 11–16 this season.

With Los Angeles trailing Boston 65–50 at halftime last night, Ernie Johnson asked Barkley to sum up the first half.

“The Lakers stink,” said Barkley. “They’re forcing us to show them all the time like they’re gonna be good.”

Barkley clarified that he was referring to the NBA. “It’s a conspiracy,” Barkley continued. “And then we got all these clowns on television who have to talk about them every day. It’s a conspiracy. Like, we have to talk about the Lakers. The Lakers are awful.”


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