Check Minimum Player Age for BGIS 2023 Registrations

The Age limit for registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023 is here. Check out full details.

Battlegrounds India Series (BGIS) 2023 registration has already started on the official Battlegrounds Mobile India website. BGIS 2023 is the first major tournament after the unban of Battlegrounds Mobile India in the country.

Following the lifting of the ban on BGMI, one significant concern revolves around the age limit for players. The game now incorporates age restrictions and limited playing time. All players are restricted to a maximum of 6 hours of gameplay. However, underage players face additional limitations, as those under 18 years old are only allowed to play for up to 3 hours per day.

BGIS 2023 Registration Age Limit

In order to be eligible to participate in a Tournament as a player, an individual must have reached 16 years of age or older (i.e., the player has lived for at least 16 calendar years) as of the Registration end date.

If a player is 16 years of age or older but under age 18 (i.e., the player has lived for at least 18 calendar years as of the Registration end date), he or She may compete in the Tournament if:

  • (1) He or she meets the other eligibility criteria, like the minimum ID level requirement, the current highest tier, and more. Check here for full details: BGIS 2023 Eligibility Criteria is out, check before registration.
  • (2) These General Rules are accepted by a parent or legal guardian. Rules and the applicable Competition-Specific Rules on behalf of the player, and consents to the player’s participation in the Tournament by completing a parental consent form provided by the Tournament organizer, along with the necessary supporting documents.

According to the rules, players need to be 16 years of age or older to participate in the event, and parental or guardian approval is required if the player is under the age of 18. Players above the age of 18 are welcome to compete in the BGIS 2023.

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