Chris Brown Gives A S*xy Lap Dance To His Fan On Stage, Flings Her Phone Into The Air As She Annoyingly Continues Using It – Watch!

Chris Brown Joyfully Launches A Shocked Female Fan’s Phone Into The Crowd After Giving Her S*xy Lap Dance On Stage – Here’s Why!
Chris Brown Flings A Female Fan’s Phone Into The Crowd Moments After Giving Her S*xy Lap Dance, Netizens Say “I’m Defending My Boy On This” ( Photo Credit – Flickr )

Chris Brown – the man behind hits like ‘Under The Influence’ ‘She Ain’t You’ ‘ Call Me Every Day’ and more, is in the headlines today. The artist – who performed in Berlin on Wednesday night, is in the news for grabbing a fan’s phone and hurling it into the crowd as she repeatedly tried to film him.

As per the video circulating online, Brown attempted to keep the fan away from the phone as he gave her a lap dance before losing and taking matters into his own hands. Check out the video below and a few comments on what netizens think of it.

Sharing the video on , the user captioned it, “it is impossible to defend chris brown he just keeps doing stuff😭” The video begins with the text ‘Lol as If Chris Brown Really Threw her phone into the Crowd’ and then proceeds to show the singer entertain the crowd with a power pack performance.

The 45-second-long video sees Chris Brown attempting to perform a lap dance around one special fan as she sits on a foldable chair on stage. While millions of Brown’s female fans would kill for the opportunity – and some would faint too from actually getting to share the stage with him, this particular concertgoer seemed more preoccupied with capturing the moment on her phone.

The video sees Chris trying to get the fan off her phone repeatedly as he raises the temperature with his s*xy moves but to no avail. As she continued to ignore the lap dance and concentrate on capturing herself on video on stage, Brown loses it and snatched the phone from the fan’s hand and lands up joyfully throwing it to the crowd. Not only did the move leave the fan on stage shocked but the backup dancers too and the other concertgoers were happy as they were done with her being disrespectful.

Check out the video of Chris Brown throwing the fan’s phone here:

Reacting to the video, one user commented, “icl i don’t support chris brown’s shenanigans but his job requires a lot of physical training and effort to put on a show for that long so i’d be pretty pissed too” Another added, “I’m defending my boy on this, he put it down calmly the first time😭” A third added, “at this point, I need the video of her recording, I want to see her face up close when buddy threw that joint like a broken boomerang” A fourth added, “The full video shows where he politely took her phn out of her hand & put it down in her lap the first time. After that she picked it up & started recording again lol. That’s rude! She got it back y’all calm down & it didn’t hit nobody.”

What are your thoughts on Chris Brown’s behaviour? Let us know in the comments.

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