Christian Bale Went So Crazy For American Psycho He Warned Ewan McGregor To Avoid The Role After Leonardo DiCaprio Dropped It Convincing Producers That He’s The Best

Christian Bale Once Warned The Star Wars Actor Ewan Mcgregor Before Taking On The Role Of America Psycho As He Did Not Want To Be Bullied Out
Christian Bale Once Warned The Star Wars Actor Ewan Mcgregor Before Taking On The Role Of America Psycho As He Did Not Want To Be Bullied Out
When Christian Bale Warned The Star Wars Actor Ewan Mcgregor(Photo Credit –wikimedia)

American Psycho has been one of the controversial movies that gained immense popularity throughout time. The audiences still remember its memes and references. Not to forget the portrayal of Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman, which was just the cherry on top. However, many would not know that he once warned the Star Wars star Ewan Mcgregor to take on the role. Scroll below to read the scoop.

Being an adaptation of the novel from the 90s, the movie was expected to face criticism, which it somewhere got due to the representation of women. The movie also had violence which gave it a certain amount of negative PR in its initial days. Read on ahead to find out how the actor did not want to be bullied and take on the role which made him a Hollywood star!

In an interview with The Things, Christian Bale once revealed how during the beginning of his career, he was cautioned by many to choose roles carefully. Talking about it the actor said, “I had an awful lots of calls saying it was gonna be career suicide. A lot of people would talk about Anthony Perkins in Psycho and say, you know, once you play a villain like that, you never get to play anything else because you’re stuck in everybody’s imagination as that person.” But he knew that has to be a part of the film.

The actor further revealed that he was clear that he wanted to take up the role. However, if it wasn’t for his persistence, Batman Begins star would not have gotten the part. He also revealed that he had to take a decision as many big shots were taken into consideration.

Christian Bale talking further about it, revealed, “I had to make a decision either to accept I wasn’t going to get the part because Leo was a much bigger star or do battle.” He also said, “It reached the point where the film studio said about me, ‘Don’t mention his name again.”

However, things worked out for him when Leonardo DiCaprio dropped out of the film and became a game-changer in his career. He revealed that he had warned other actors off, including Ewan McGregor, and he won’t get bullied for the part. He will stand up and fight.

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