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Chrome will make text snippet sharing much prettier in the future

Chrome will make text snippet sharing much prettier in the future

Google recently added the possibility to link to a specific text snippet from a website to Chrome, and it looks like the company wants to expand on that feature. As spotted by Chrome Story, the latest under-development version of Chrome is prepping a “Stylize highlight” sharing option that is sure modeled after Facebook and Instagram.

WebNotes Stylize

Allows users to create and share stylized webnotes. – Android


Stylize highlight is currently only functional in Chrome Canary 93, where you’ll first have to activate a flag (chrome://flags/#webnotes-stylize) and restart your browser before you can begin using it. Once that’s done, you can select any text from an article you’re reading and hit the share button in the context menu. You should then notice a new “Stylize highlight” option in the bottom left corner of the sharing menu. Tap it, and you’re taken to a new screen that lets you select a colorful template with a quote of the selected text. Hitting “next” in the top right corner lets you share the image and the link to the text in question to an app of your choice.

chrome 93 canary stylized highlight sharing workflow

As it stands, the feature still feels barebones and buggy. For one, you can only choose from a few pre-defined templates, and for another, it doesn’t look like the chosen theme necessarily sticks once you decide to share it, with Chrome instead picking another template at random. That’s probably why the feature still isn’t enabled by default, and it will likely take some time until it’s ready for a stable launch.

The “WebNotes Stylize” flag is also available in Chrome 92 Beta, but there are even fewer templates to choose from and tapping the “next” button does nothing, rendering the feature useless, at least for now.

You can download Chrome Canary on the Play Store or over at APK Mirror if you want to try this for yourself. Just keep in mind that it’s the most unstable version of Chrome, so you might not want to use it as your primary browser.

Chrome Canary (Unstable)
Chrome Canary (Unstable)
Chrome Beta
Chrome Beta

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