Chrome’s new tab page could soon show your favorite Google Photos Memories


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Google doesn’t want you to forget your glorious past


Google has been integrating more and more of its services with Chrome’s new tab page to increase visibility and usefulness. After rolling out Drive file shortcuts, the company is now experimenting with showing your Google Photos Memories when opening a new tab.

As spotted by ChromeStory, there is a new NTP Photos Module flag in the latest Canary build of Chrome. Enabling it allows the browser to show your Memories from Google Photos on a new tab page. The first time around, you’ll have to accept the prompt to allow the browser to display your old and forgotten photos. After that, Chrome will automatically pull your Memories from the account you’re currently logged into.

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This flag to enable the Photos module should also be present in Chrome’s Dev and Beta builds for Mac, Linux, Windows, and Chrome OS.

The Memories feature in Google Photos is very appealing, but some people tend to miss the photos it resurfaces if they don’t open the Photos app frequently. On the other hand, Chrome’s new tab page is something you see all the time, so this cross-integration between Chrome and Photos could be a nice way to add a bit of nostalgia to your day.

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