Close call for Mizkif:Pokimane is banned while Mizkif is not

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Close call for Mizkif: Pokimane is banned from Twitch for ‘Avatar’ stream while Mizkif is not- The growing popularity with Twitch’s “TV show” meta is finally facing a roadblock with famous Twitch star Pokimane getting DMCA strike for streaming the animated Nickelodeon show Avatar. Well, it’s a 48-hour suspension before she gets back on the platform. However, for Mizkif, another well-known streamer, it was rather a narrow escape this time.

As soon as the news broke, the Internet reacted quickly with varying opinions, some applauding the ban, others pitying Pokimane. It didn’t take long to shift all attention to Mizkif who was broadcasting the same show as Pokimane at the same time. To everyone’s amazement, Mizkif didn’t receive DMCA strikes leading to the Twitch ban. Mizkif was caught in disbelief too and he considered himself lucky.

The streamer Mizkif was smart enough to realize the slippery slope that he had stepped on and pledged to stop re-streaming copyrighted content on his channel. He paced to delete his VODs and clear his channel, only to come clean with the hope of not having to face any consequences.

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Close call for Mizkif: Pokimane is banned from Twitch for ‘Avatar’ stream while Mizkif is not

It was rather fun to witness Mizkif’s response to Pokimane’s original tweet relating to the ban. He replied, “I’m alive?” He was soon found sharing his thoughts in live stream and was reacting to the chats. “Why did it happen to her and not me?” he questioned. “Should I say my last goodbyes? I’m terrified right now.” He was losing his calm and not knowing what to do next he texted Pokimane to ask if she was doing fine. Pokimane was puzzled and texted him back and said, “Can’t believe you didn’t get DMCA’d too. So weird.”

Mizkif regrets joining Twitch’s TV show meta

“I’m an idiot. I tried to do something different. You don’t want to do anything different, always follow what everyone else is doing. That’s the easiest route. I should have just watched MasterChef. I f**ked up”, Mizkif admitted. “Let’s just get this out the way,” he said. “I’m done. I played with fire, it was not worth it.”

As Mizkif was watching Disguised Toast explain, ‘why Pokimane got a ban but Mizkif didn’t for streaming the same show’, he pointed out coming 3 hours late to the stream after Poki might have saved him. One fan was cunning enough to state the disparity in followers of both the streamers being the reason and that Mizkif wasn’t popular enough to be noticed.

Whatever the reason may be, the fact is Mizkif won’t walk that path again and is first to withdraw himself from the Twitch meta. He isn’t ready to risk his “career” just to follow the trend. Let’s wait to see how the community responds to this.

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