Coach MTB Satisfied With Blacklist International’s MPL PH Season 12 Campaign

Coach MTB Satisfied With Blacklist International's MPL PH Season 12 Campaign


Despite its continued runner-up finishes in recent tournaments, Blacklist International’s coach Aniel “Master the Basics” Jiandani, also known as MTB, feels satisfied with the team’s performance this season. The coach shared how the team has successfully built a new identity in the and gave their all despite the skepticism from fans. 

Blacklist International ended its Season 12 campaign in secnd place after losing against AP.Bren with a 4-1 score. Despite having lost the chance to reclaim its throne in the local league, the Codebreakers will have another chance at reclaiming its world championship title together with the Killer Bees in the upcoming M5 World Championship.

Coach MTB proud of his team’s Season 12 performance

Through a post-match press conference, Blacklist International’s iconic coach, MTB, shared his thoughts on the team’s performance in the recently concluded MPL PH Season 12. According to him, despite losing in the grand finals, he is quite satisfied with the outcome as the team proved all the skeptics wrong.

“I think only a few thought we would make it to the grand finals with our new lineup, it’s like a new team,” he said. 

The coach further elaborated that “Hadji just came back from a break, Oheb also came back from a break. We played with Renejay and Edward back in S11. It feels like we are a new unit but we still made it this far so I’m so proud that even though we did not win the championship, it doesn’t hurt because they still did their best.”

Concluding his statement, Coach MTB shared, “I have unwavering faith in each one of them, and I harbor no regrets; I am incredibly proud of their performance.”

Blacklist International will join MPL PH Season 12 champion AP.Bren to represent the Philippines in the upcoming M5 World Championship. The tournament will gather the strongest teams from various regions to compete for the penultimate title of this year’s MLBB esports.


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