Coach Zeys Claims EVOS Legends MPL ID S11 Roster Is Stronger Than Its M1 Lineup


The former coach of EVOS Legends Bjorn “Zeys” Ong shared his thoughts about the team’s current lineup for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID) Season 11. According to coach Zeys, the White Tigers are far stronger than the iconic WORLD (Wann, Oura, Rekt, Luminaire, Donkey) lineup which dominated the M1 World Championship. 

Coach Zeys is EVOS Legends’ most seasoned and iconic coach. He has been with the team since the MPL Malaysia Season 4 before transferring to the Indonesian league. However, from the roster and replaced by Stenley “TaxStump” Hermawan as the new coach. 

Zeys gives praise to EVOS Legends MPL ID Season 11 lineup

EVOS Legends’ M1 World Championship main five lineup was one of the most iconic lineups in the MLBB esports scene. The squad was composed of Muhammad “Wannn” Ridwan, Eko “Oura” Julianto, Gustian “Rekt”, Ihsan “Luminaire” Kusudana, and Yurino “Donkey” Angkawidjaja. Together they dominated the first M-world series event and made history as the first MLBB world champions.

Since its run in the M1 World Championship, EVOS Legenda has made a lot of roster changes. According to its former coach Zeys, who led the iconic WORLD lineup, this season’s roster may be one of its strongest yet. This was revealed through a livestream where coach Zeys and Rekt discussed the new roster’s performance.

“EVOS [MPL ID Season 11] roster is stronger than WORLD,” said Zeys. “To be honest, it’s not stronger than WORLD [but] 2x, 3x, stronger than WORLD.”

EVOS Legends had an excellent opening week in the ongoing regular season. The squad was able to secure two clean sweep Victories against Rebellion Zion and Alter Ego. It is currently contesting RRQ for the top spot on the leaderboard. Both teams are tied at four points.

The WORLD lineup previously reunited and competed in the Indonesian qualifiers for the 2022 14th International Esports Federation (IESF) World Esports (WE) Championship. However, the squad did not make it to the main qualifiers.

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