COD Mobile dying? Here’s what iFerg has to say

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The gaming community, especially the dedicated fans of Call of Duty: Mobile have been worried about the game slowly pacing towards a death. Released at the end of 2019, the game saw one of the biggest launches in the history of mobile gaming. However, Timi Studios’ multiplayer cum battle royale title received mixed to negative reviews upon the release and the user base declined significantly in the following years. But, does the confirm that the game is dying? One of the gamer’s top creators begs to differ. In an independent video on his YouTube channel, iFerg explained why the future indeed looks bright for the mobile title of the best selling PC franchise. COD Mobile dying?

According to reports, Timi Studios reportedly made 10 billion USD in 2020 and a majority portion of it came through Call of Duty: Mobile. Although the game struggled to keep its user base entertained in the beginning, the dynamic change of METAs and captivating fresh season themes with each update, has managed to garner a very dedicated user base along with a continuous inflow of new players every month. iFerg also shared active user stats of the game which reveals that there’s a monthly million-plus newcomer in the game and currently the title has over 50 million-plus active users.

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With a brand new Call of Duty Mobile game on the horizon, we are currently not sure how the franchise going to take the mobile division forward. Given the massive success of Warzone in the PC gaming scene, it might as well overtake COD Mobile. However, the game itself and the AAA multiplayer experience it offers seems unlikely to get overshadowed by any other title in the near future. A new season cycle begins with the January 2022 update. Find out more about what’s in store for the future from here.

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