COD Mobile: Here’s How You Can Get Free CP in CODM With the Season 7 Update

In Call of Duty Mobile (CODM), COD Points (CP) are a valuable in-game currency used to purchase various items, including Battle Passes, cosmetics, and more. While the game offers several ways to earn CP, the chances of getting them for free are generally low. In this article, we will explore the possibility of obtaining free CP through the Tournament Mode in the upcoming Season 7 Heat Wave update and discuss how players can participate in this system.

Tournament Mode and Crowns

Tournament Mode was introduced in CODM during Season 4, where players had to win matches to earn crowns, a tournament-exclusive currency, which could be exchanged for rewards. The rewards included Tournament Combo crates, Tournament Winner crates, and MVP emotes that players could unlock through shard cards.

With the upcoming Season 7 Heat Wave update, players can expect new content, Lucky Draws, a Battle Pass, and other features. According to the official Call of Duty Mobile blog, the new update will introduce a “rewards spinner” in the Tournament Mode, which will help players earn Call of Duty Points (CP) at certain intervals during each tournament. This CP can be spent on Battle Passes or purchases from the in-game store for access to premium content.

The New Lottery System: Free CP in CODM?

In the Season 7 update, a new lottery system will be introduced in the Tournament Mode, offering players a chance to win various rewards, including CP, tournament winner crates, and credits. Players can earn lottery rewards by reaching free milestones and premium milestones during the tournament. The lottery will conclude every Wednesday.

Obtaining Tickets for the Lottery

In the updated Tournament Mode, players can earn tickets for the lottery by reaching certain milestones. Both free-to-play and premium players can obtain tickets. However, there is a key difference in the number of tickets each group can earn. Premium players, who purchase premium rewards and reach 100 crowns, will receive two tickets. On the other hand, free-to-play players will only get one ticket. This means that free-to-play players may have a disadvantage compared to those who invest in premium rewards.

Low Chances of Winning CP

While the new lottery system sounds promising, it is essential to manage expectations. The chances of winning free CP through the lottery are likely to be low. As with any lottery or luck-based system, some players may get lucky and receive CP, while others may not be as fortunate. The lottery is expected to include various rewards, such as credits and tournament winner crates, making it less likely that players will win CP.