COD Mobile: List of Free and Paid Character Skins Coming in Season 7 Heat Wave

In the world of Call of Duty Mobile, character skins play a significant role in enhancing the gaming experience. As players eagerly await the upcoming Season Seven Heat Wave, speculations about which character skins will be available for free have been circulating among the community. In this article, we will explore the characters that might be obtainable without spending in-game currency and discuss their potential appearances in bundles, events, or as part of daily missions.

  1. The New Epicalus Underwater Character

The first character skin that has been confirmed for free unlocking in Season Seven is the new Epicalus Underwater character. While some players may not find the uniform to their liking, it’s an opportunity to obtain this skin without spending any in-game currency. The developers have teased its availability for Grandmaster Three in Battle Royale.

  1. Battle Hardened Animal Print

Another potential character skin to obtain for free in the new season is the Battle Hardened Animal Print. Though there is no information regarding its appearance in a draw, crate, or lucky box, there is a possibility that it may be offered as part of a bundle. If not, players can look forward to getting it without spending any COD Points.

  1. Reigns Flamingo Party

The epic Reigns Flamingo Party character skin might be available for free during an event in the upcoming season. While its inclusion in a bundle hasn’t been confirmed, there are high hopes for an opportunity to unlock this vibrant character without any cost.

  1. Epic Reaper Ride or Die

One of the most intriguing free character skins of Season Seven is the Epic Reaper Ride or Die. Although information about its acquisition method remains unknown, this epic character boasts an incredible design that has captured the attention of many players.

  1. Epic Sims Motorsport

Similarly, the Epic Sims Motorsport character skin is expected to be obtainable for free during an event in Season Seven Heat Wave. Players can look forward to adding this eye-catching skin to their collection without spending any real money.

  1. Rare Character Skins: Captain Park and Escrow

Two new rare character skins are set to make their appearance in Season Seven. The colorful Captain Park in his Gord vibes uniform and the eye-catching Escrow character are expected to be available for free, providing a unique and vibrant look to players during Battle Royale matches.

  1. Epic DeathAngel Alice

While the epic DeathAngel Alice character skin might be available in the daily mission crate for Season Seven, many players may already possess this skin, making it less appealing for long-time players.

  1. Mystery Ronan Character Skin

Finally, a new Ronan character skin has been discovered, but details about its acquisition method are yet to be revealed. Alternatively, it could be another armor option for the Ronan Hagakure character skin, available as part of Clan War rewards in the new season.

As Season Seven Heat Wave approaches, Call of Duty Mobile players can look forward to unlocking a variety of character skins for free. From epics to rares, the new season promises exciting opportunities to customize and personalize their gaming experience without spending in-game currency. Stay tuned for more updates as the season unfolds, and don’t forget to share your thoughts on the new character skins in the comment section below!