COD: Mobile Mythic Templar Release Date Revealed; Upgrades, Features, More

With season six just around the corner, players of COD Mobile are eagerly awaiting the upcoming content. In a recent update, Call of Duty Mobile’s official Twitter accounts shared a post, unveiling an image showcasing the all new mythic avatar of Templar. According to the developers, season six, known as “Templars Oath,” is scheduled to kick off on July 5 in Call of Duty Mobile. This highly anticipated update will not only introduce a new battle pass but also bring forth a range of thrilling events for players to participate in.

Release Date of the Mythic Templar Character

According to official social media handles of COD Mobile, the Mythic Templar operator is set to make its appearance on July 7, two days after the commencement of season six. This signifies that the Mythic Templar draw will be the first lucky draw of the season. Players are encouraged to mark their calendars and prepare for the opportunity to add this remarkable character to their collection.

Mythic Templar’s Advanced Form Features and Upgrades

Mythic Templar undergoes significant transformations as he progresses from his initial stage to his advanced version. In his advanced form, his crown becomes more twisted, his armor takes on a mythical appearance, and the radiating color in his core becomes more pronounced. He also gains a distinctive smoke-type cape. The character exudes the aura of an evil king who arrived on Earth through a meteor.

In terms of features, Mythic Templar receives skins for both the Kinetic Station and Kinetic Armor, with the Hollow Watch showcasing his sword passing through it. The loot box and empty debut animations offer visually appealing elements, and the beer walkout stance is enhanced. The character’s arm modification stands out with a smoke effect and intensified brightness from the core.

Different color options are available, altering the armor and inner core. While the choices are visually striking, acquiring them can be costly. The second versions of Kinetic Station and Kinetic Armor boast improved designs, particularly the Kinetic Station. Mythic Templar’s gesture, Hollow Screen Saver, and watch face contribute to his unique appeal.