COD: Mobile Players Can Now Claim Their Free Legendary M4 Skin; Check Steps-by-step Guide

Call of Duty Mobile recently launched a new event called “Target Acquired” featuring a free Legendary M4 blueprint skin. This event was initially scheduled to release alongside Season 2 on February 8th, but was delayed due to a bug.

The Target Acquired event is now live and will run until May 23rd. Players have two objectives to complete in order to claim the free Legendary M4 blueprint “M4 – Black Gold Royal”:

  1. Log in using your Call of Duty account

  2. Play 5 multiplayer matches

Target Acquired Event Guide: Fastest Way to Unlock the Free Legendary M4 Skin

To complete the first task, update to the latest version of COD Mobile, log in with a linked Activision account or create a new Call of Duty account.

For the second task, play 5 matches in any multiplayer mode. Shipment map in Free-for-All mode is recommended to finish matches quicker.

Once both objectives are complete, open the Featured tab in the Events section and claim the Legendary M4 skin from the Target Acquired event. The skin can then be equipped from the Gunsmith loadouts.

This is a permanent legendary weapon blueprint available completely free just by completing a few matches after logging in. Take advantage of this event before it expires on May 23rd!

About the M4 – Black Gold Royal Skin

Previously released as a premium blueprint, the M4 – Black Gold Royal does pack decent aesthetics. Although it pales in comparison with the recent legendary skins in the game, especially is comparison with the DR-H – Kurohana, given that it was also a free legendary skin. However, the M4 does come with a minimal grind which makes up for it, making it easily unlockable for beginners and casual players.

The gun also comes with a custom iron sight which reduces aim shake and gun kick scale, offering better vision while firing like most other legendary skins in the game. Even so, the M4 is not a top choice in the game and will struggle to compete against the meta weapons in season 2.