COD: Mobile Season 2 Brings Type 19 AR Along with New Operator Skill & BR Class

Excitement is building for the upcoming Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 update releasing globally in February 2024. While official details remain scarce, leaks from reliable sources have revealed juicy intel on what’s to come – including a brand new assault rifle called the Type 19. A mythic skin of the gun is also on the way which will be themed around the four seasons – spring, summer, autumn & winter.

New Type 19 AR in COD: Mobile Season 2

Reported by leakers Leakers On Duty and AminGhx, the Type 19 rifle will introduce an original firearm made specifically for COD Mobile. Unlike other new weapons borrowed from mainline series entries, Type 19 marks the first wholly unique gun designed for the mobile title. Nonetheless, it boasts a decent base damage of 28 along with a fire rate of 75, which is quite impressive for an AR.

Aesthetically mirroring the real-life Chinese QBZ-191 rifle, Type 19 distinguishes itself through proprietary attachments. A 3x scope, bipod foregrip, 75-round drum mag, and marksman magazine kick the weapon up a notch. At least four attachments are rumored to be exclusive to Type 19 as well. The base iron-sight however looks very dull and will hinder vision. But heavy spenders can skip the trouble by purchasing the mythic variant which will feature 3 different iron-sights. There will also be a Battle Pass blueprint which will slightly improve the sight for better vision.

New Operator Skill & BR Class

Beyond just a new gun, Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 is rumored to introduce two other major additions. A new Havoc operator skill will allow gamers to destroy enemy deployables while disrupting their minimaps and scorestreaks simultaneously. The Jet Boost battle royale class also looks to make its debut, enabling thrilling aerial moves.

Season 2 will likely slot Type 19 as a free unlock in the Battle Pass system. Given its pioneering status as the first original COD Mobile firearm, anticipation is understandably high amongst players eager to put the tactical rifle through its paces. It may shake up the meta upon release.