COD Mobile Season 5 Leaks: All the Legendary and Mythic Skins That Will Be Added

COD Mobile Season 5 Leaks: All the Legendary and Mythic Skins That Will Be Added

Season 5 of Call of Duty: Mobile (COD Mobile) is making its way to the global servers very soon. Data miners have already confirmed that the next season name is ‘Get Wrecked’ which will be themed around marine robotics. Now, we already have more leaks dropping from the test servers which now include the first look and gameplay of all the legendary and mythic skins coming in the next season. Apart from the redux draws, COD Mobile Season 5 will feature 3 original Legendary skins, 1 prestige skin, along with the much anticipated FFAR 1 Mythic Skin.

COD Mobile Season 5 – Get Wrecked: All Legendary and Mythic Skins

Artic 50 Prestige Weapon Skin

Arctic .50, the semi-automatic sniper rifle, is getting a Prestige version in season 5. As players are already aware, this will be a re-skinned version of the original Arctic .50 – Foxfire legendary skin. The gun will be added under the prestige weapon event tab from where players can claim it for free upon completing three lucky draws during the event period.

RUS 74 Custom Job

After a brief gap, COD Mobile is introducing another legendary skin for RUS 74 in the Get Wrecked update. The skin features a punk theme with bright kill-combo effects. What’s really exceptional about the legendary skin is the kill-effect that displays ‘Delete’ animation every time you get a kill.

KSP 45 – Jolted Radio

This is the second legendary skin of KSP 45 that COD Mobile is adding to the game. This legendary variant of the burst firing SMG comes with custom firing sound as well as lightning effects around its body. The kill-effect also features sound effects with red and crimson lightning animation.

Krig 6 – Slick Chrome

Another legendary with a funky theme but with prestige weapon quality. Although it is no match for the mythic Krig 6 – Ice Drake, it is a good secondary choice for those who missed the mythic spin last year. Krig 6 is also receiving a buff with the next update which gives players all the more reason to get their hands on this beauty.

FFAR 1 – Bright Blade

Last but not the least, FFAR 1 is going to be the latest addition in COD Mobile’s mythic armory in the Season 5 update. Mythic skins in COD Mobile are popular for their eccentric design with interactive options that makes the gun feel alive. This one in particular is based on an excalibur theme. The gun literally takes the shape of a sword while inspecting or reloading it. As always, it will come with custom upgrades details of which are currently unavailable. What you see here is only the base version of the gun.

Check out the gameplay for all the guns in the video below.

COD Mobile Season 5 Release Date

While Season 5 of COD Mobile aka Get Wrecked is expected to go live on 1st June, players are advised to keep an eye out on their respective app stores as the update might go live one or two days before the expected release date.


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