COD: Mobile Season 5 Weapon Adjustments – Nerfs and Buffs Revealed

In the 24th May Call of Duty: Mobile patch notes, the developers revealed all the content that is coming to Season 5 – “Get Wrecked” of Call of Duty: Mobile. This included new weapons, maps, scorestreaks, and battle pass content. However, in an exception for this season, the balance adjustments for Season 5 were released today on 1st June separately on the official COD: Mobile Discord server as the update went live worldwide.

It seems that the developers will continue to focus on bringing assault rifles (ARs) back into the meta for another season. Surprisingly, there is no mention of other weapon nerfs in the notes released on their official channels. Even the long-forgotten sub-machine guns (SMGs) like the Pharo and Echo are receiving improvements. However, the ARs on the list definitely steal the spotlight, as classic rifles such as the HBR and BK57 are receiving major range buffs. Even the rarely used FR .55 is on the buffs list.

Battle Royale Balance Adjustments






BR Class

Cannot select the same Class as your teammate’s when respawned.


Ravage Launcher

Shock Wave


  • Available to recharge twice

  • Air strike radius: Increased 5→8m

  • Cluster amount: Increased 4/6→6/9


Based on the new balance changes, we will make sure to publish top guns to use in Season 5 and help you climb up the leaderboard.

As the SMGs are unlikely to receive any nerfs for this season, you can check out the loadouts of our ‘Top 5 SMGs’ here.