COD Mobile Season 6 Battle Pass: Rewards, Gun Skins, Operators, and More

COD Mobile Season 6: Templar’s Oths is going to be released on July 6, 2023, at 5 p.m. PT. The Templar has…

COD Mobile Season 6: Templar’s Oths is going to be released on July 6, 2023, at 5 p.m. PT. The Templar has returned in Mythic form for Season 6 and is more powerful than ever after almost passing away at the hands of the Ghost. Take on the updated Armada map for Ground War, engage in 4v4v4 battles in the new Arena mode, control the brand-new Golden Goliath in Goliath Clash 2.0, and more.

Season 6 Battle Pass


  • Alice – Enchanted Woods
  • Samael – Mighty Cyclops
  • Bulldozer – Primal Threat
  • Wraith – Berserkr


  • GKS: Metal Scales
  • L-CAR 9: Flaming Sun

Battle Pass Subscription Rewards:

  • Adler—Guntlet
  • DLQ 33: Ebony Lion
  • Backpack 4: Ebony Lion

Other Rewards

  • Backpack: Hunting Pack-88
  • AVATAR: Relentless Hunger
  • FRAME: Primal Threat
  • CALLING CARD: Law of the Wild
  • EMOTE: Summon the Dark
  • CHARM: The Cycle of Death

The COD Mobile Season 6 Battle Pass looks very good on its first impression, with powerful weapons, operators, and other rewards.

New Seasonal Challenges and Featured Events

Complete brand-new seasonal challenges and events to earn operator skins, weapon blueprints, battle pass experience points, and more. These events also grant access to the aforementioned Kinetic Station Battle Royale class and the new Heartseeker attachment.

New Attachment: When fighting far-off Operators, attach the new Heartseeker to the Hades LMG to locate approaching foes. This is a useful tool for avoiding unwarranted flank attacks.

Get ready for Season 6 of COD Mobile, “Templar’s Oath.” The new season will feature the second Mythic Operator in addition to the brand-new 4v4v4 Arena mode, the Armada map for Ground War’s expansion, Goliath Clash 2.0, new weapons, a new Perk, a new Battle Royale class, and other things.

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