CoD Mobile Season 6 Upcoming events, draws, and more

Call of Duty Mobile also known as CoD Mobile Season 6 is set to release on 5th July 2023. Check out the upcoming events, and draws here.

Launching next week on 7/5 at 5 PM PT is CoD Mobile Season 6 – Templar’s Oath. That’s right Templar is back. And he has one thing on his mind – revenge. This season we are continuing our now normal cadence of seasonal Community Updates – one with the new season announce (this update) and one to go along with the season launch (happening next week). So just a reminder that any details missed about S6 in this update should be covered in next week’s Community Update, so stay tuned!

We have watched that trailer more than a few times at this point, but each time we are just as hyped for the news after watching! Hopefully, you caught some of the new content coming to the season in the trailer – including that sweet finishing move 😉. Below we will cover some of the content coming to Season 6 – Templar’s Oath.

Per usual, let’s start with a quick look at all the newest events launching throughout the next week to close out Season 5, and some events that will be launching along with the Season 6 launch next week:

  • 6/29 – 7/05 ~ BR Sniper Isolated
  • 6/30 – 7/05 ~ Attack of the Undead 2.0
  • 6/30 – 7/02 ~ 10v10 Collection
  • 6/30 – 7/13 ~ Umber Cloud Draw
  • 7/04 – 7/10 ~ Heist 24/7
  • 7/04 – 7/10 ~ 1v1 Duel
  • 7/06 ~ Season 6 Launch!
  • 7/06 – 8/02 ~ Ranked Series
  • 7/06 – 7/20 ~ Armada Ground War
  • 7/06 – 7/12 ~ BR Prop Hunt
  • 7/06 – 8/02 ~ GRAUnded

*All Dates UTC

COD MOBILE SEASON 6 New Weapon – GRAU 5.56

For all you AR mains out there – or for anyone who absolutely fried with this weapon in Warzone – we have good news…the GRAU 5.56 is making its way to Call of Duty: Mobile! Originally seen in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) this versatile AR is lightweight and super maneuverable for an AR with high range, all of which combine for an AR that when used right will get you a plethora of Ws. To earn the GRAU players will need to reach tier 21 in the free path of the Battle Pass. 

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