COD: Mobile Season 6: Upcoming Free Manta Ray Skin, Lucky Draws, and Collaborations!

Call of Duty Mobile, the popular mobile game that has captivated millions of players worldwide, is gearing up for some exciting updates. With a variety of fresh content, lucky draws, collaborations, and free rewards on the horizon, the Call of Duty Mobile community has much to look forward to for season 6.

1. The Archers Fury Draw: Legendary XPR50 Skin – Broken Will

Gamers are eagerly anticipating the Archers Fury Draw, which is expected to hit the game later this week. The highlight of this lucky draw is the legendary XPR50 sniper rifle skin named “Broken Will.” Its impressive design, reminiscent of a legendary skin from a previous season, is already generating buzz among players. With enhanced iron sights and a unique kill effect, this addition is sure to delight snipers and collectors alike.

2. Bringer of the Light Lucky Draw: Girls Frontline Collaboration

Collaborations have become a beloved feature in Call of Duty Mobile, and the return of the Bringer of the Light Lucky Draw, in partnership with Girls Frontline, is generating excitement. Players can try their luck to unlock the legendary Tang Knife weapon skin and the epic Fandi character skin. Although currently available in Garina and the Chinese version, fans are hopeful that this collaboration will soon reach the Global version, offering more players the chance to enjoy these special rewards.

3. Epic Ghost Plasma Soldier Crate: Coveted Character Skin

The Epic Ghost Plasma Soldier Crate has made its way back to the Garina server, bringing with it the highly sought-after Epic Ghost Plasma character skin. While obtaining the character skin in one try is rare, it presents an exciting opportunity for players to enhance their character customization options.

4. Free Character Skin – The Manta Ray: Templars Oath

Players on a free-to-play budget will be pleased to hear about the upcoming free character skin – the Epic Manta Ray. Initially shrouded in mystery, the recent image released by Call of Duty Mobile Garena hints at an upcoming event where players can acquire this sought-after skin. The prospect of obtaining this epic skin for free is sure to be an appealing incentive for many players.