COD Mobile Season 7 Test Server: Nerfs and Buffs

Get ready for the latest leaks straight from the test server for Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) Season 7! The upcoming update promises to shake up the meta and bring exciting changes to your favorite weapons. From LMGs to Snipers, here are all the adjustments you can expect.

New Mechanism – Bullet Impact

COD: Mobile’s upcoming season promises to introduce a game-changing feature called “Bullet Impact.” This mechanism will revolutionize hit flinch mechanics by factoring in the attacker’s bullet impact, influencing how players engage in intense firefights. Slower-firing weapons will become more relevant, and players will need to adapt their loadouts and strategies. While some are skeptical of added complexity, others look forward to a more diverse meta. As players experiment and adjust to this new system, the gameplay experience is set to evolve, creating fresh dynamics and excitement in the game.

COD: Mobile Update – Balance Changes from Season 7 Test Server




  • Decreased lower arm damage multiplier from 1.4x to 1.3x

  • Damage reduced from 80-70 to 78-75-70

  • Range decreased to 15-30m, aligned with the new damage phase.

Type 25:

M4: Underbarrel Grenade Launcher Rework

  • Switching to underbarrel grenade launcher now has switch time.

  • Underbarrel grenade launcher gets its own unique inspection and ADS animation.

  • Underbarrel Launcher ammo capacity increased by 1.



KN 44:

ASM 10:

Branson Barrel:

MIT and GKS:

  • Decreased aim shake for both MIT and GKS.

  • Enjoy a 7% improvement in reload speed.

  • Range profile for MIT improved from 9m to 9.5m.

QXR: Monolithic Suppressor:

Marksman Barrel:

Kilo Bolt-Action:






Sticky Grenade:

EMP Grenade:

  • Effective range increased from 8m to 9m, extending its reach against enemy equipment.

  • Maximum effective time to self decreased from 2s to 1s, reducing the impact on yourself.


Dauntless Perk:

  • Enjoy an improved burning damage reduction, now at 40%, providing better survivability in fiery situations.

Unit Support Perk:

  • Score more with an improved scoring ratio, rewarding you for your efforts.

  • Teammates benefit from increased shared operator skill charge, up from 30% to 40%.

  • Personal operator skill charge slightly decreased from 60% to 50%.

Tracker Perk:

Agile Perk:

Class Updates:

Scout Class:

  • Teammates can now see the friendly sensor darts’ radius on the mini-map, promoting better team coordination.

  • Red dots on the mini-map and enemy silhouettes are now visible to teammates, providing crucial information during engagements.

Clown Class:

Please note that these changes are based on the Season 7 Test Server and are subject to further adjustments.