COD: Mobile Season 8 Test Server Preview and New Free Rewards Unveiled

Call of Duty Mobile fans, get ready for some thrilling news! From an upcoming Lucky Draw to new free rewards and even a glimpse of what’s to come in the test server, there’s plenty to be excited about. Let’s break down the highlights below.

Seaside Slam: Unveiling the Fruity Mix Epic Skin

Prepare to soak up the sun with the upcoming Seaside Slam event in Call of Duty Mobile. Expected to go live this Friday, this event promises to add a refreshing twist to your loadouts. The star of the show is the new Epic skin for the RUS 79 – Fruity Mix. While details about the event remain limited, the prospect of unlocking this eye-catching skin is surely a tantalizing prospect.

Peek into the Test Server: Season 8 Release Date

The Season 8 test server is the talk of the town, with players buzzing about what fresh content it might bring. While Call of Duty Mobile’s global version is yet to confirm a release date, an exciting revelation comes from the Chinese version’s developers. They’ve officially announced that the Chinese test server is set to open its doors on August 22. This tantalizing tidbit suggests that the global version’s test server might follow shortly after.

Amidst the excitement, rumors hint at new weaponry, enticing features, and even a new map making their debut in the test server. As we eagerly anticipate further details from the developers, rest assured that we’ll keep you informed as soon as the curtain lifts on the Season 8 test server.

The Call of Duty Mobile community is in for a treat in the upcoming updates. From the thrilling Shark Warrior Lucky Draw to the refreshing Fruity Mix Epic Weapon skin and the promise of Season 8’s test server content, there’s an array of excitement on the horizon. Stay tuned for the latest news as we brace ourselves for the Season 8 update and all the surprises it holds.