COD: Mobile Season 9 Free Skins and CP Vault; Check Out Now

The recent releases and updates that have the community buzzing. From free rewards to new skins and the return of the CP Vault, there’s a lot to cover. So, in this article, we’ll dive into the current offers in season 9. So, buckle up as we break it down for you.

1. Fright Factory Themed Event: Free Rewards Galore

The Fright Factory themed event has taken COD Mobile by storm, offering players a chance to earn free rewards by completing daily tasks. By accumulating pumpkin candy and candy bags, players can unlock milestone rewards, including a standout reskin of Ajax known as flesh Golem at the 2,000-point mark. The event structure remains familiar, but the rewards, particularly the new skins, add an exciting twist to the gameplay.

2. Upcoming Seraph Shimmer Skin: A Touch of Elegance

Looking ahead, the COD Mobile community anticipates the release of the Seraph Shimmer skin. This reskin in gold, white, and silver is part of the Tribute and Triumph event, expected to make its debut on November 3rd. While already available in the CN version of the game, players are curious about potential differences in the global and Garena versions. The skin’s aesthetic appeal promises a visually pleasing addition to the arsenal.

3. Credit Store Update: Rare Skins and Dark Designs

The latest update in the credit store brings fresh content for weapon enthusiasts. Two rare skins for the OTS 9 and asm10 have been introduced, along with a menacing design for the Mac 10. While opinions on the Mac 10 skin may vary, it adds a dark and evil touch to the game. Additionally, the new endowment Defender mobile pack offers an array of items, with proceeds contributing to War veteran jobs.

4. 1 CP Crate

For those willing to try their luck, a new 1 CP crate has hit the scene, featuring enticing rewards such as the Beck – Odity character, HDR – iInternal Flight, M4 – Hell Legion, and the Switchblade – Spitting Demon. While the narrator didn’t strike gold with the characters, the emotes obtained for only 3 CP showcase the crate’s potential for surprising rewards.

5. Anniversary Voting Events and the Resurgence of CP Vault

The anniversary brings more than just celebrations; it’s also an opportunity for players to participate in voting events. With tabs for Mythic weapons, legendary characters, and season 10 legendary guns, the COD Mobile community can shape the future content. Winners, determined by votes, get a rerun or a 50% discount, adding an interactive element to the player experience.

And, after a hiatus of over a year and a half, the CP Vault makes a triumphant return. Its mechanism remains familiar, but with changes in values and prices. Players can now purchase CP at a more favorable rate as the safe’s value increases, culminating at the max value. The narrator shares a personal success story, having obtained a rare Divinity skin for only 40 CP through the CP Vault, underscoring its potential for exciting surprises.

As COD Mobile continues to evolve, these recent releases and updates promise to keep players engaged and excited. From free rewards to new skins and the dynamic CP Vault, there’s something for every type of player. So, gear up, dive into the action, and make the most of these thrilling additions to COD Mobile. Until next time, happy gaming!