COD: Mobile Summer Sale – All Draws and Discounts Coming Next Week

The virtual battlegrounds of Call of Duty: Mobile are sizzling this summer as the highly anticipated Summer Sale event kicks off, offering gamers a plethora of exclusive discounts and new content. Players can expect a range of thrilling additions to the game, from character skins to legendary weapons, all at tempting discounted prices. In this article, we break down the upcoming releases and their discounts, providing a comprehensive overview of what’s in store for COD: Mobile enthusiasts.

Everything coming in COD: Mobile Summer Sale 2023

As the event begins, players will find the initial offerings in the Summer Sale section somewhat limited. The highlights are a 10% discount on the Boba Blaster Draw and a 5% markdown on Mythic coins. However, the excitement truly lies in what’s to come in the following week, with promises of more engaging content and even better discounts.

1. Release Schedule and Discounts

The Summer Sale’s momentum picks up on the 13th, as the lethal duo of the Lucky Draw emerges, featuring two characters and two legendary guns: QQ9 Moonlight, and HBR Rictus Arc all available at a 10% discount. The 14th introduces the Slice and Dice Lucky Box, offering a 25% discount.

2. Summer Vibes Crate and Time-Limited Legendary Crates

On the same day, the Summer Vibes crate becomes available at a 10% discount, showcasing Wraith’s summer vibes and the Odin Dream Killer, among other rewards. The 15th presents a time-limited legendary Crate, featuring the MX9 Exostatic and ZRG Ticket to Hell, both at a discounted rate of 10%. However, caution is advised, as the chances of receiving trial days instead of permanent skins are high with this crate.

3. Special Offer and Bamboo’s Lead Lucky Box

On the 15th, a special offer steals the spotlight with a massive 65% discount, including a two-day trial version of the MX9 Exostatic and a legendary crate. It’s important to note that special offers require real money, not COD points. As we move to the 16th, the Bamboo’s Lead Lucky Box takes center stage with a significant 25% discount, presenting Misty Fisher in the Mist, an Epicordite, and more.

4. Lead Sandwich Box and Shock Warrior Draw

The 17th brings the Lead Sandwich Box to the fore, offering a 25% discount on a Crash Skin and the M13 Vegan Warrior. The 18th introduces the Shock Warrior Draw with a 10% discount, unveiling the Striker 45 Sharp Fins and Bulldozer for players to acquire.

5. Oracle’s Textual and Mystery of Nihonga Crate

The Oracle’s Textual returns on the 20th with a 15% discount, presenting sought-after items like Sparrowhawk, The Hare, and Dingo Scarlet’s Oracle. Additionally, the enigmatic Nihonga crate will make an appearance at an undisclosed date with an unknown discount, showcasing items such as Mansaray Full Bloom and multiple versions of the AK 117 Night Wind.