COD Mobile Teases New BR Map Which May Be the Blackout Map from Black Ops 4


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With the second anniversary of Call of Duty: Mobile (COD Mobile) on the horizon, Activision may be dropping a new battle royale map soon. A lot of teasers have been dropping lately that left fans anticipating the upcoming major update. One of the recent teasers may be a new battle royale map called Blackout from the popular Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 franchise. Fans have started uncovering cryptic clues regarding this mysterious teaser which revealed that it may be the Blackout battle royale map. However, Activision is yet to officially confirm the name of the new battle royale map in COD Mobile.

Blackout Map may be arriving in COD Mobile soon

Activision’s popular mobile shooter game, COD Mobile will soon be hitting its second anniversary on 1st Oct 2021. The publisher has started teasing a slew of new content coming in the upcoming patch update. However, one teaser stuck out from the rest which may be a new battle royale map from one of its popular franchises.

Last anniversary, the Alcatraz map from Black Ops 4 debuted in COD Mobile. The chilling ambiance and the small map size made it one of the best battle royale maps for players who prefer fast-paced matches.

For the COD Mobile second anniversary, another battle royale map from the same franchise may be arriving in COD Mobile. This was revealed by a few fans who noticed that the file name of the teaser contained the word “Blackout_Teaser” which hyped up the COD Mobile community.

However, when fans asked the official Twitter page of the game, it quickly denied the rumors, stating that “We know nothing of this.”

Contrary to last year where Activision released one of the smallest battle royale maps in COD Mobile, Blackout is one of the largest maps in the whole of the Call of Duty franchise. The map first debuted in Black Ops 4 and has all the elements needed for a battle royale map. A lot of changes in both gameplay and graphics can be expected when it arrives on COD Mobile. However, fans can expect that it will be a fun new experience for everyone.

COD Mobile will be celebrating its second anniversary during its eighth season which will soon arrive at the end of September 2021. However, Activision is yet to provide details on the exact release date for the upcoming patch update. It will be interesting to see what more there is to come in the upcoming COD Mobile 2nd Anniversary celebration.

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