COD Mobile: Where Are the High Tier Loot Zones on Blackout?

Call of Duty (COD) Mobile came out with a brand new battle royale map called Blackout during Season 8 in September of last year. First introduced in Black Ops 4, Blackout features some iconic locations like Hijacked and Ghost Town. Like Isolated, Blackout is a sprawling map and is a jigsaw of different Call of Duty multiplayer maps, introduced to the franchise across various Black Ops titles including Nuketown Island and Array. While finding loot comes down to RNG in a lot of cases, there are some hotspots on Blackout where you’ll be able to find a higher concentration of high tier loot.

High tier loot zones on Blackout

Blackout is a huge map offering a vastly different play experience compared to Isolated, so travelling between zones is a bit of a trip. Note that these high tier zones are also highly contested. Make sure you look out for other players who have the same idea. Let’s take a look at the high tier loot zones on the Blackout map.

This part of the Blackout map should be familiar territory to practically anyone who has played the first Black Ops game. Firing Range’s many buildings feature some great loot. Located centrally on the map, it is a popular place for players to drop. You can find good loot in the tower as well as the obstacle course, which also provides decent cover to take fights.

Cargo Docks

Located below Nuketown Island, the Cargo Docks first appeared in Black Ops II as a multiplayer map called Cargo. Cargo Docks has plenty of open space between containers which players can use as cover for both medium and long-range gunfights. You’ll find some good loot in and around the containers.


North of Cargo Docks, Array was first introduced in Black Ops as a multiplayer map. Array’s central building is a high tier loot zone and a hot spot for close-quarter combat.

Blackout’s version of Array also has a few more buildings to explore around the relay station, where there is another place you can find some valuable loot.


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