COD Mobile World Championship 2022: Europe and Japan Qualifiers Results

The regional playoffs leading up to the Call of Duty (COD) Mobile World Championship have ended for Europe and Japan. SCARZ won regional playoffs Stage 4 for Japan beating Team Vrilliant in the finals of Day 2 for a spot in Stage 5 of the World Championship. The Stage 4 event for Europe ended with Animus beating Nova Esports to qualify for Stage 5. Since Europe has three spots in the grand finals LAN event, they will be joined by Limitless eSports.

COD Mobile World Championship 2022 Stage 4: Results

The Europe and Japan qualifier event took place over two days beginning on 20th August and ending on 21st August.

All the three teams qualifying from Europe namely, Nova Esports, Animus, and Limitless eSports were the top teams to qualify at the end of Day 1 of the Swiss elimination bracket. On day 2, Nova Esports beat Xitium before being sent to the elimination bracket by Animus. Animus initially beat Nova Esports 3-1, however, during the grand finals of the regional playoffs, the top spot was narrowly contested with both teams going neck-to-neck. Animus ended up beating Nova 4-3 and claimed the $30,000 USD prize pool for stage 4.

Since Europe has three slots in the Stage 5 offline event for COD Mobile World Championship 2022, Animus will be joined by Nova Esports and Limitless eSports.

Meanwhile, for Japan’s Stage 4 of the COD Mobile World Championship 2022, Team Vrilliant and SCARZ sailed through Day 1, going 2-0. On day 2, SCARZ dominated their opponents, not losing a single map during any of their matches. SCARZ beat out Team Vrilliant 4-0 in the grand finals of the regional playoffs, cementing its status as the top team in the region.

Since Japan has one slot in the World Championship event, SCARZ will be representing the region in the December LAN event.

The North America Regional Playoffs will go live on 27th August. So far, 9 teams have qualified from India, Latin America, Japan, and Europe. The Stage 4 events for North America, Southeast Asia, and China will see 7 more teams qualify for the finals event. Stage 4 of the tournament and the World Championship Final will be streamed on the .

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