COD Warzone: Dr Disrepect wants Activision to Completely Scrap Caldera Map from

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The annual release schedule for Call of Duty has been a feature of the franchise for more than a decade, but developers must now consider upgrades to Call of Duty: Warzone, the battle royale counterpart to the Call of Duty series that was originally released in 2020. Although the community reaction to the new Pacific update appears to be encouraging. But Dr Disrespect now has changed opinions about the newly added Caldera Map in COD Warzone. Dr Disrespect Warzone, Caldera Map Bug, Dr Disrespect Caldera Map, Raven Strike, Raven vs Activision, COD Warzone: Dr Disrepect

In a recent stream, YouTuber Dr Disrespect expressed the same sentiments, even suggesting that Activision and Raven “trash” the Caldera map. Dr Disrespect won a fight in the Gulag during a recent Call of Duty: Warzone match and returned to assist his team. Dr Disrespect was down for the second time in 30 seconds. He wasn’t pleased, to say the least. This is not the first time Dr showed his dissatisfaction over Caldera map

Although one streamer’s viewpoint, no matter how unfavourable, may not appear to be very important to a game’s overall success, Call of Duty YouTubers and streamers are more important than ever in 2021 for pushing ideas and forming opinions among franchise fans. In other words, if Dr. Disrespect doesn’t like Warzone’s new content, it’s probable that the majority of his audience will as well. If Disrespect’s complaints aren’t addressed, the player base for Warzone may suffer a tiny decline, something Activision would prefer to avoid.

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Raven QA Strike is Nowadays a big hurdle for Warzone Developers – Activision

COD Warzone: Dr Disrepect

Unfortunately, there is no simple solution to the problems that Dr Disrespect is raising. As per Lastest Development, Raven’s whole QA development crew is presently on strike for the last 4 weeks, with Activision refusing to negotiate with them. It’s uncertain whether Call of Duty: Warzone’s existing technical issues, let alone the rapid content release that Warzone has set for itself over the last years, can be resolved quickly without those creators.

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