COD Warzone Mobile Season 2: All New Operators & Weapons

A fresh set of weapons has made its way to Warzone Mobile Season 2. Season 2 of this Call of Duty title has sent ripples of excitement among the player base as they welcomed new content with open arms recently. There are a load of weapons, a new battle pass and a slew of updates that are ready to set this season ablaze.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the operators and weapons that are coming this season.

Warzone Mobile Season 2: Release Date

The all-new Warzone Mobile Season 2 was released on 7th February 2024. The season is coming with an exciting battle pass, bringing in exciting weapons, operators, adjustments, and new events.

The game was recently soft-launched in select regions, including Germany and Malaysia, along with Sweden, Chile, Australia and Norway. It is speculated that the game will be available worldwide in a release window of spring 2024.

Warzone Mobile Season 2: New Weapons

The patch notes have gone into great detail about what’s coming in season 2 of Warzone Mobile.

Four new weapons have joined the Warzone Mobile arsenal. These are the BP50 (MWIII) Assault Rifle, RAM-9 (MWIII) Submachine Gun, SOA (MWIII) Subverter Battle Rifle and Soulrender (MWIII) Melee Weapon.

BP50 (MWIII) Assault Rifle

It is a versatile bullpup rifle that uses 5.56 ammo. It has a rapid fire and pinpoint accuracy. Get ready to crush your opponents at medium to long distances. You can get this weapon through Battle Pass Sector B7.

RAM-9 (MWIII) Submachine Gun

This is a compact and swift bullpup submachine gun, featuring a 9mm ammo. It is perfect for close-quarters combat. You can unlock this via Battle Pass Sector B6.

SOA (MWIII) Subverter Battle Rifle 

This weapon has 7.62 rounds and rules mid to long-range combat. It has a steady recoil and its slower rate of fire makes it a reliable choice. Players can unlock it through weekly challenges.

Soulrender (MWIII) Melee Weapon 

This is a ceremonial blade that boasts razor-sharp slashes in close quarters. If you are looking for intense melee action, there is nothing better than this. This weapon will be available in-season.

Warzone Mobile Season 2: Operators

Kate Laswell and Blackcell John Doe have joined the Operator lineup in Warzone Mobile Season 2. Kate is a station chief in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. She is available on the battlefield as a playable operator who can be accessed through the Season 2 Battle Pass. Blackcell John Doe can also be acquired with the same process.

The BlackCell Operator Skins that are part of the battle pass are as follows:

  • John Doe

  • Rick Grimes

  • Kate Laswell

  • Soap

  • Alpine

  • Farah

  • Valeria

  • Price

  • Ghost (x2)

  • Riptide

  • Warden