COD Warzone sees a slump as Dr Disrespect asks the devs to address the in-game issues

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As one of the most entertaining FPS streamers, Dr Disrespect is known for playing a wide variety of games in this genre. He is especially known for his Battle Royale content, having played almost all of the game titles released. Dr Disrespect, Call of Duty Warzone, Warzone in-game issues, Streamers leave Warzone, COD Warzone, Warzone Dying,

Like many other fans of the Call of Duty series, Dr Disrespect also looked to play the game, especially after the release of the Warzone: Pacific map. Yet due to a lot of in-game issues, he left the game for other titles like many other frustrated players.

Dr Disrespect calls out to the Call of Duty Warzone devs to prevent it from becoming another H1Z1

The integration of Warzone and Vanguard through the Pacific map was meant to bring a total game overhaul. Fans were excited as Warzone could now be run on the same engine as Vanguard and would have the same movement and gunplay alignments. It was also said that the Battle Pass and level progression will overlap over both the games.

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Yet, things went downhill as players found many issues with the new map, a lack of updates, and the addition of unimportant things like Krampus enemy. The neglect from developers forced many people to abandon the game and go elsewhere. This was also true for streamers like Dr Disrespect.

In one of his latest streams, Dr Disrespect talked about the problems in the game and how it might one day become non-existent like H1Z1. He also targeted the developers of the game regarding the issues everyone is facing. He told his viewers how his game crashed today, he was not able to open it from the launcher, and the presence of a useless character like Krampus in the game which nobody wants.

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Doc is known for his notoriety of calling out developers directly whenever he faces bugs and in-game issues in the games he plays. Irrespective of the changes that the developers bring, it looks like Dr Disrespect has moved on from Call of Duty now and is focusing on the brand new title Super People.

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